January 25, 2013

I am currently running on 31 hours without sleep, and the previous 24 hours to that without proper sleep. I managed to convince a pharmacist to give me sleeping pills for tonight, mostly through slurring my words and the natural look I’ve sported today (it involves no make-up and a dose of no sleep for 24 hours.) Unfortunately, they’re out of drowsy pills, so she suggested a herb and I suggested a strangling of her neck.

Two hours of trying to catch a nap has failed too. So, I occupied my time finishing some work thinking that it’ll bore me enough that I’d fall asleep. Instead, I ate cookies and concluded that Jo Brand and (the handsome!) Stephen K Amos were great in The Great Comic Relief Bake Off. To kill time before dinner with some important peepz tonight, I went for a walk and journeyed to get sleeping pills, but this time, the pharmacist told me that Singapore requires prescription for sleeping pills. And I told her the puffiness of my eyes are prescription enough for me to get sleeping pills, and the exhaustion my body is experiencing but the refusal to get sleep is enough evidence for me to get sleeping pills. She refused, so I told her to sod off because I’m so angry and will probably spend tonight figuring out how the hell would sheeps make you fall asleep?!

In conclusion: I am so fucking tired.

  1. gmahsuhaili said: I have some sleeping pills, you want one? (: are in Singapore?
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