February 1, 2013
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    GUYS, I’LL BE AT THE FRINGE TOO! 15th-21st!!!!!!
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    AWWW YIISSSSS @physics-girl and I will be in attendance this year, but not until the last week of the festival, so we...
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    Yaaay! I’m going to my friend’s house tomorrow and we’re going to book the trip and the hostel and e’rything. But I can...
  4. quadthefuck said: ED BYRNE! WANT! wantwantwant!!!!
  5. larusolost said: Ah! I’d hoped they weren’t going to stagger the tickets being released this year, it makes it proper difficult to plan until May. 10/10 for finding these dates though :)
  6. skippingismagnificent said: ED BYRNE. DSFKJHSDKSKDJFSD.
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